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Cheron 32MM stunning new pictures

Wow, WOW….and thrice wow! Perhaps it’s because I haven’t blogged about her much lately, I don’t know, BUT I am really loving these new pictures of Cheron 32MM from Top Heavy Amateurs

What a body! What a body! What a body I say for a third time! And it’s not just about the tits either, just look at that rear view above. Imagine approaching Cheron from behind here: thing is are you standing up or are you on your knees?

Do you go straight for those heavy 32MM breasts or do start on Cheron’s thick ebony derriere. Ok, that’s it, it’s back ON, I’m officially in love with Cheron again!

Also, in the 2nd last picture below, it seems to reveal more of Cheron’s face than we’ve seen in previous pictures! Could we be seeing the start of more revealing face pics of Cheron 32MM?

All pics courtesy of Top Heavy Amateurs

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8 Responses to “Cheron 32MM stunning new pictures”

  1. smotherme Says:

    you are so right – what a body!!!
    imagine sniffing that lovely bum when Cheron turns around & 30
    pounds of breast meat smothers your face. instant wood!
    imagine staring at areolae bigger than your face!
    Cheron’s body is a literal feast – she is carrying nutrition in
    her bra & panties that few men ever feast on. Her lips, her
    massive breasts, her crotch, her ass – she has unlimited weapons
    of male desire (WMD’s). She is “a moveable feast” with a body
    that could feed several men at the same time.

  2. bigtitsfan Says:

    wow she looks as stunning as ever.

  3. Dave Says:

    I always loved her, never lost sight of her and her updates, but this new set puts my love for Cheron in another dimension. Smotherme is right, she IS a feast. I say a Thanksgiving feast one can take a lifetime to devour. She is so perfectly endowed. C’mon, who can we petition to demand, beg, grovel, whatever it takes, to get Cheron her own site !!

  4. Hugey Says:

    Glad you guys are loving these pics as much as I am. I think these are my all-time favourite pics of Cheron. She looks meatier than before and so so sexy.

    You’re so right Smotherme/Dave – Cheron is a feast!

  5. Tony Says:

    Not into it.

  6. clarity Says:

    Damn, I love those big pancake nips!

  7. femsup Says:

    Such glorious thighs too.I don’t mind her anonymity if it allows her to keep being photographed.

  8. hugey Says:

    Lol – WMD, Weapons of Male Desire. Love it Smother :-)
    It must be painful for men (and women) who have to be around Cheron in day-2-day life. How could you possibly concentrate on anything other than Cheron’s magnetic WMDs.

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