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Beshine Goes Even Bigger!!

It’s been a while since I blogged about huge breast expansion girl Beshine and her ever growing silicone titties. Well, in case you didn’t know Beshine has gone ever bigger. Check out her latest pics…

What do you guys think about Beshine going bigger?. I’m not sure if it’s intentional or not but isn’t she getting more and more like Chelsea Charms with each expansion?

All pics courtesy of Beshine.

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26 Responses to “Beshine Goes Even Bigger!!”

  1. rc Says:

    Big turn-off for me.

  2. re Says:

    Fake. It’s not good. Thought this site was about natural breasts in all it’s glory. Beshine…not shining for me sorry. Give me natural anytime. :)

  3. shandy Says:


  4. festive Says:

    agreed to all above, and plus, it looks like it must hurt. Her skin is going to bust (pardon the pun). Not sexy at all, she should’ve saved her money.

  5. bea Says:

    I love it. Tits and a small waist. More power to her. Incredible to think she started off as an A cup not so long ago.

    They look like they’re developing into a lozenge shape which is kinda interesting and I bet she much catch them on door frames all the time now they are that far out to each side but I bet it would be no easy thing to get in there to move her expanaders around a bit. For one thing they must weigh half as much as she would without them! I love the veiny/shiny look too.

  6. stefanny Says:

    poor girl ! feel sorry for her …

  7. Bernard Z. Grate Says:

    i hate fake tits, just my 2 cents but fake tits are like the equivelent of fake people, horrible terrible awful. i rather see a girl in a tee shirt with natural a cup tits going braless with big nipples than a fake tited big titted women.

  8. clarity Says:

    The problem is that they don’t resemble a breast anymore, just a large basketball on her chest. Thus they’re just not sexy (if that was her point). However, plenty of people around the planet are into body modification, and some like Beshine are willing to take it to extremes. How she does normal daily activities is beyond me, but according to her twitter account, she’s a busy, positive, and in every other way, normal gal.

  9. Hugey Says:

    Clarity – I think that is it! She’s just into extreme body modification in the same way that some people are into extreme numbers of tattoos!

    She is an interesting case though, hence posting again despite not being everyones cup of tea.

    She seems young at heart and perhaps isn’t thinking about the long term implications – I mean, those things are stretched so tight now – like blown up pigs bladders. They look like they could explode. I personally, wouldn’t be sitting next to her on a plane at altitude!!

    She seems to have a thriving website all the same. There’s a sub-niche of silicone lovers out there who can’t get enough of this stuff!

  10. tuggerjb Says:

    She must be paying some unethical surgeon a whole lot of money to either risk losing his license or more likely doesn’t have one to begin with, to perform this ridiculous surgery! She could have saved herself so much pain and money by simply going the Mastasia route. I mean really, what’s the difference in the look?!? In fact, I’d take the the Mastasia titties any day, at least they’re shaped like real breasts! Can you imagine her daily life when she’s not modeling or performing?!? So sad.

  11. Tony Says:

    Beshine, Please be careful doing all of this, I recommend to just go smaller, you are Beautiful enough without all the boob jobbies :)

    It would probably be better for your health,

    Love ya,


  12. josh Says:

    Never really understood the hoopla surrounding beshine, I’ll pass on this post. Hey hugey how about a post looking for roberta smallwood? I wonder what she’s up to these days!

  13. mastertoymaker Says:

    I’m in the minority here. I like her. I like her, Chelsea, Kiesha and the other string/silicone queens out there. Sometimes I’m in the mood for soft-looking fake breasts, sometimes I like floaty spherical ones. I’ll admit that I like super-fake ones like these in clothes beer (I know that they don’t look like real breasts, see above) but any port in a storm. If anything, the only thing I *don’t* like about Beshine is the strange vacant looks that she sometimes gives the camera. They creep me out.

    As for her new size…

    I… can’t really tell the difference, aside from the fact that they look so taut. I guess I’d need to see a before/after of her; she looks on par with the last round of pictures I saw of her a few months back, though she was starting to settle a bit. Maybe the skin was stretching out or something; most of what I had seen of her had her breasts floating, and gravity’d have to step in at some point.

    But the point is, if you kept blogging about her and even other enhanced women, I wouldn’t mind.

  14. mg Says:

    Mostly agree with mastertoymaker.

    I like all the super-fake-string breasts holders out there. But, truth to be tell, I like them (almost) only when dressed.

    Bare boobs like those look like if they were to burst in contact with a needle. Too tight.

    All the best. mg

  15. scooter Says:

    I never thought I would ever think this let alone come right out and say it, but beshine has gone over the line, gone way to far. She wasnt to bad before but now her boobs do not even look anything like boobs, and to top it off she is pumping that crap into her lips as well. Deflate them today Beshine or what ever your name is before they pop. They really do look ugly !!!!!

  16. femsup Says:

    I think that although I don’t find her in the elast sexy this posting has been of value.It helps put into perspective the size at any cost idea.Where will this mania end.In a Lolo finale?I would beg her please please desist from this doomed course.

  17. luvembig Says:

    Too much for me. They look like they are going to explode at any moment. Never been a fan of the enhanced breasts anyway. I’d rather have a smaller breasted girl that was natural than a surgically enhanced girl. Don’t really know why a girl would go to this extreme. Never thought I would say a girl’s breasts were too big for my taste, but I am saying it now. They just look painfully big. I hope Beshine’s health doesn’t suffer because of them in the future.

  18. muffinfluffer Says:

    absolutely the ugliest thing in the world passing itself off as the most beautiful. just awful. i’d rather look at a double mastectomy.

  19. Bobs_Your_Uncle Says:

    Why? This woman has completely disfigured herself. Sure I love big boobs but there is nothing to love about those big things which are not boobs. She looks like she is from outer space. Totally unreal.

  20. rere Says:

    I think site administration should not post these kinds of material again. It’s not fair on the natural breasted women…..just my two cents.

  21. tim edwards Says:

    I’m fascinated by Beshine and other girls such as Chelsea Charms, Penelope Black Diamond, Keisha Evans, Maxi Mounds, etc, who all go to extreme lengths to make their breasts as huge as they can – in this case, larger than one would ever have thought possible. That they clearly love having boobs this big is itself a turn-on for me.

    PLEASE continue to post stuff about Beshine and all the others. Even though some people seem to hate fake boobs, there are many men (and women) out there who LOVE them – and I for one am grateful to Beshine and the others for going the whole way…

  22. Hey70 Says:

    Patetic, not sexy. WE DON’t LIKE PLASTIC.

  23. Scouse10 Says:

    Wow, bigger the better – love to be fucking her when they exploded…they are awesome…and the danger of them bursting makes them sexier!

  24. Somethings missing Says:

    Somethings missing. Huge tits with no nipples? She should have thumb size nipples for tits that big. Did she or the surgeon forget. How could anyone miss that? Next surgery. Get some porportional nipples added PLEASE!

  25. JimJake Says:

    She’s awesome! I hope she goes bigger and bigger! I love everything about her, great legs, great ass, massive fake tits, big fake lips, beautiful hair… I love the “vacant” look she sometimes gives. She is so fake, but so beautiful, it’s near perfection. The only pair of better lips I’ve seen is on Mistress Rhiannon.

  26. ca uk Says:

    she is stunning and its that simple!!!

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